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Reviews Updated 29th November
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The following reviews have been submitted to either Punternet, Hull Adult Forum, or WYSG or emailed direct to our site. They are presented below for convenience. Note that some of the ladies may have have retired or working for other establishments.

Amy by Gentleman Jim 23-1-2019
Called in Wednesday morning and saw the beautiful Amy. This girl has everything a man can want and more, she is toned and slender, yet with curves in all the right places and looks absolutely gorgeous. She is very friendly and polite and wears some fantastic lingerie. In the room she was fantastic, an experience that only makes me want to see her again.

Sarah by MW 23-1-2019
Visited Moulin Rouge today and saw Sarah. She is very pleasant and gorgeous. She made me feel relaxed & comfortable. Hope to see here again soon.

Dani by NB 16-11-2018
I've been seeing Dani for sometime now she is like a good wine and just gets better and better. Dani really enjoys what she does her oral is excellent and reverse oral excellent sex outstanding in many positions, highly recommended.

Kat by NB 1-11-2018
Called to see Kat on Thursday my third session with her and it gets better every time! I see her she's a good looking girl who enjoys what she does foreplay good oral very good reverse oral good sex good will be a regular. 100% recommended.

Holly by VG 4-7-2018
I met holly on wednesday and simply can’t get this girl out of my mind. She is absolutely amazing, stunning I simply can’t find the words! Come to bed eyes, perfectly turned out in immaculate sexy shoes and outfit. I’m a gent so won’t embarrass holly with the details of the meet. She is far better than her pics and an absolute diamond in the room with the most lickable Pussy on the planet and is a true pornstar looking girl.thankyou holly for the pleasure I’ll be back next week for sure oh and the week after lol xxxx

Holly by SS 1-7-2018

Total breath of fresh air to the place! The way the receptionist described her on the phone was exactly how she was apart from being told she was 35! She looks no way near that age...... Stunning beautiful lady with waist length natural blonde hair, blue stunning eyes, legs that go up to heaven, perfect 34DD breasts and a perfect size 10 and i mean PERFECT!!!! all over body tan and an ass to absolutley DIE for!!! Her service was absolutely out of this world. Id say professional but i think it just comes natural to this beauty as you can tell being fully equipped with every outfit, shoes, boots and toys you could ever imagine! She is also a very attentive person who likes to talk and you can tell she is very sympathetic when you voice your concerns. 100% recommended.

Brooke by Gentleman Jim 6-6-2018
I've visited the website many time and finally decided to see Brooke. The website describes her as an ex-model. The photos are accurate but I have to say I think she could still make it as a current model! Brooke is totally gorgeous and was a show stopper in a tight black latex dress that accentuated her figure. In the room Brooke was very polite and accomodating to my every need. I'm too much of a gentleman to describe all the erotic details (and not a good author anyway). What I will say is that she made an old man very happy, and will return again soon. Thank you Brooke x x

Legs.. legs.. and more legs... all wrapped in stockings that was pretty hard to not stare at. Tall and slim.Very friendly and instantly, although I was still very nervous, put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.

I was nervous about just being naked when she returned to the room after paying my £65. She simply said, "come on then let's get those of," so confidently that I did just that. Dani started, with a soft and oh so nice tits on cock massage. Wow. didn't take more than a couple of strokes before the ol' guy was up and ready. Did 69, with the first shaved pussy I've seen in over 20 years, yummy. Cowgirl. Missionary. Doggy and back to 69 to finish. A special lady that will stay in my memory as long as I am alive, Thank You Dani. x

Chloe is 29 but could pass for being a lot younger. She speaks with a soft posh slightly scotish accent (ex public school girl). Small tits, nice figure, completley shaved. Friendly personality - a bit coy.

Was originally going to go to Daniel House but as I drove past the place had big To Let signs all over it so decided to drive on to other side of Doncaster & visit the Moulin Rouge where I had always previously had a good time. This time there were 4 ladies to choose from so after a cup of tea I choose Chloe the youngest one (by at least 5 years)who hardly spoke to me while I drank my tea. The more we chatted the more we clicked resulting in some great oral 69 - she has one of those fanies that are lovley to look at (& Lick suck)- she really enjoys giving & recieving oral. I always experience something new at the Moulan Roughe this time it was "The FemiDom" (a condom the woman wears / has inside her) absolutly fantatsticit - helped that she had a lovley tight hole. Thanks Chloe hope to see you again sometime.

Brooke is so beautiful and such a fantastic sexy body to die for and amazing tits, and i must stress FANTASTIC at her job !!!!! I cant say anymore I was speechless.

Belinda carlisle sung a song "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" well i think i found it katies moulin rouge.To be honest this was my 9th visit to this establishment and it just gets better,all the girls that i have seen have been amazing and i have never left feeling disappointed. I know how good this place really is and i am surprised that there not queuing out the door like the pensioners at the post office on pension day!! Get down there guys and you will understand what im saying.

On Monday afternoon I was in the area and called at Moulin Rouge. Sasha caught me eye, very attractive, early 30's wearing stockings and high heels. I had a coffee first, the place is clean and tidy. In the bedroom Sasha was accommodating to my every need. We started off with a massage followed by a gentle wanking. which turned into a full domination service, along with the best anal play I've ever had, It didn't take long before I cum. I wanted to last longer but couldn’t. Thanks Sasha you are a star, highly recommended and I will be back soon.

Christine is the lady I so nearly chose on my last visit, and I wasn't going to miss out this time! Once in the room and when the cash was out of the way, Christine wasted no time getting down to it. I mentioned before my weakness for DFK and she is fantastic at this. She was getting me pretty turned on but I took it slowly so as to savour the moment as we undressed each other. Christine has a lighthearted style which I like and there was much teasing and lots of laughs. After a prolonged kiss and cuddle on the bed we finished with some pretty fantastic nooky and the time passed all too quickly - in fact we went over time but she didn't seem to mind.

This is my second visit to this establishment and once again it didn't disappoint. My only regret is that this may be Christine's last Sunday working there. I hope that's not the case as I'd love a return match. Have to think of an excuse to go to Doncaster during the week next time!

Maria is stunning, 5'6 fantastic tanned body and one of the best pair of boobs I have seen in a long time, she is a really nice girl with it too.

Had the GFE for 60 quid plus a tenner entry fee which has now changed, started off with playing with her fantastic boons then I gave oral to Maria with a gentle fingering, she also has a fantastic responsive pussy and she became wetter & wetter the more I licked her, she then asked if she could go on all fours so I could lick her till she came, which being a gentleman I did... and so did she!!, on with the rubber for some oral then onto mish, fantastic sex with a really really nice genuine stunning young lady, totally recommended.

Dani by- TheAviator

On entering I met two ladies, Dani and another lady (sorry dear I've forgotten your name now). I'd decided to go for the 30 mins full GFE and on learning this was my first visit, Dani kindly explained what that would involve. I was a little disappointed to discover that Dani doesn't do DFK, as this is a really strong turn-on for me. I was told that the other lady did offer this, but I'd already picked Dani from the website, and besides when she demonstrated her kissing technique, I was beginning to get hard anyway. So reluctantly sent the other lady away (perhaps next time!).

Dani wasted no time in getting us both stripped off and onto the bed for some skilful foreplay. I'd already explained that as I'm no longer in the first flush of youth, getting hard was sometimes a problem. Let's just say, it wasn't on this occasion! The kissing, cuddling and caressing, plus lots of teasing (Dani has a delightfully wicked sense of humour) were absolutely fantastic and the sex that followed out of this world.

I therefore give Dani full marks, and can guarantee her a return visit soon. If you don't give her ten out of ten too ... then you ain't human!

Dani by- OralMensch

Danni is a very beautiful and talented girl always give me satisfaction and I always leave satisfied and the photos do her justice

Start of with tickle massage then in oral on me then me oral on danni who thoroughly enjoys what she does and seems to enjoy her orgasms then finish with sex in different positions to climax also very good with her vibrater

Jodie by JustDan
Was welcomed as usual by a friendly receptionist, and was offered a drink which I declined. I had already decided on seeing Jodie from her website description, and as soon as I asked for her she came and took me to one of those rather trendy rooms with the lovely comfy double bed. Again she offered me a drink and I declined, and so we got down to business. We started off with a lovely relaxing cuddle and some sweet kissing, during which we chatted a little. Then she started stimulating me with a very skilled erotic touch which quickly had my attention. I was then treated to a really splendid aural, during which Jodie allowed me to rub her down there which I think she enjoyed. After my first wonderful come we again kissed, cuddled and chatted, I felt very relaxed in her company, any nerves, which I always have at the start of a visit totally gone. Next she moved up on top of me and I gave her aural, which I think we both enjoyed very much. When she was nice and wet we began the most vigorous and passionate sex I've known, Jodie on top as is my preference. We both tired ourselves out with this I think but I had failed to come as I always do from vaginal, and so Jodie very kindly gave me a second round of oral which soon brought on a spectacular finish.

Before I knew it my hour was up and I left feeling relaxed, smiley and confident and thoroughly royally treated. This place, and particularly this girl, have to be experienced to be believed.

Thank you Jodie for a wonderful time, I hope I will be able to come back soon.

Skye by JustDan

Arrived at the parlour for my second visit, was greeted by friendly receptionist and offered refreshment which I declined. Was taken to a room with a comfy bed by skye. We started off with a nice massage and then proceeded on to aural. She has a fantastic technique, at the climax I was litterally holding on to her the ride was so wild. I made some pretty passionate noises which is VERY unusual for me. We tried sex with her on top and doggy style with mixed results, but not for want of her trying and we sure as heck went through a few rubbers. All punctuated with lots of pleasant chat and gentle caressing. She really gave her all to me, and she has the distinction of being the first lady ever to make me come twice in a session. I am unable to see and don't hear too well, and Skye was very understanding and helpful. I'm the first to admit I'm a challenge, and she rose to it wonderfully. Thank you Skye, had a very lovely time.

Dani by Millerby

I'd seen the web site and took a fancy to Danni ,as i entered she was sat on soffa, i picked her as she stood her legs seemed to go on for ever,in her very short dress i noticed how busty she was and her long black hair,allso very warm and friendly with a stunning smile

The only way to describe my experience is awasome.her oral is out of this world she really throws herself into it as with everything we did all she wanted was to please she objected to nothing, everything was protected but its how i like it i didnt ask for without so i cant comment on that, the 69 was excelent best ever...will i be back you bet i will

Jolene by sexymark

This lady is beautiful i have seen her many time at her old place i have not seen a different lady since she every thing you could wish for

I walked into the parlour she was sat there all cosy on the couch she looked amazing as always she then lead me into the room where we talked for a while by this time i was ready she slowly went down on me she gives the best head and also a fantastic fuck